The Exciting New Music Resource for

Primary Teachers


PERCUSSION FUN was initially designed to provide a series of classroom percussion resources for primary class teachers as explained in the film above.

Recently however, PERCUSSION FUN has also developed a new popular music theory workbook called FUN MUSIC THEORY


The aim of FUN MUSIC THEORY is to provide lots of photocopiable information about how to read and write music.

FUN MUSIC THEORY was originally written for instrumental music specialists and their pupils.

After the initial purchase music specialists may copy the pages for the use of ALL their pupils. 


​FUN MUSIC THEORY however is also proving to be an extremely useful resource for primary class teachers.

Reading music should ideally start at an early age in primary schools.

Class teachers however are very busy people therefore this book has been written to offer those teachers a way of teaching music when they do not have the time to involve the class in a singing or instrumental lesson.

The pages in Fun Music Theory can be copied so that every child has their own work book and can work through it at their own speed  - at a time that is convenient to the teacher.

Fun Music Theory covers music notes, the treble and bass staves, the musical alphabet, note values, rests, bar lines, Italian terms & scales in an informative yet fun way with over 35 pages and colourful puzzles.

In PDF format Fun Music Theory may be photocopied or if preferred viewed on whiteboards for every child within the purchasing school.








The activities contained in PERCUSSION FUN BOOK 1, which accompany seasonal songs from the popular schools music publisher Out of The Ark, are explained in the film above.

The songs & accompaniments used in Book 1 provide teachers with a varied choice of materials to use throughout every season of the school year.





The second book in the PERCUSSION FUN series provides a set of progressive accompaniments to well loved folk songs for all primary school classes.


PERCUSSION FUN FOLK is based on the same PDF format as Book 1 & can be used on whiteboards. The book contains 43 songs, each one with instrumental accompaniment, a printable song word booklet, plus an audio CD containing catchy backing tracks to every song.



PERCUSSION FUN Book 1 is £19.00 per purchase.


PERCUSSION FUN FOLK Book 2 is £22.00 per purchase. 


FUN MUSIC THEORY is £10.00 per purchase.


FUN MUSIC THEORY offers all budding musicians an excellent understanding of music notation.