Percussion Fun resources have all been written by Moira Grier. After gaining music & teaching degrees, Moira then taught for over 30 years as a music specialist in a variety of UK schools and regions.


Recognising that today, throughout the UK all schools must cover the music requirements of the NPME / Curriculum for Excellence even when a specialist is not available, Moira has compiled, for class teachers, a series of fun games & activities that focus on playing classroom instruments and, new for 2017, a music theory text book that children can work through at their own pace.


How to use Books 1, and 2.


The teacher simply chooses a song of their choice then adds the Percussion Fun matching accompaniment or activity.


Teachers can choose from whichever section they think their children will enjoy. They will be teaching about rhythm and/or the stave whatever page they choose.





The activities in Percussion Fun Book 1 accompany a selection of seasonal songs in books written by the popular schools music publisher Out of The Ark. Although schools must also purchase the following 'Out of The Ark' books to successfully use Percussion Fun Book 1, this clever combination can cover a schools complete musical needs for a whole school year. 

The required books, which also contain the backing tracks, are:

  •  A Spring Thing.
  •  Here Comes Summer.
  •  A Combined Harvest.
  •  A Cracking Christmas.

The above Out of The Ark books may be purchased by visiting  www.outoftheark.co.uk

Book 2, Percussion Fun Folk is a stand alone products as it contains accompaniments, & CD backing tracks in one complete package & therefore does not require any further purchases. 


PRE SCHOOL MUSIC, provides lots of fun games and ideas for pre school/nursery teachers and offers all budding young musicians an excellent start to their musical education.